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InterMountain Publishing "Publishing for a Cause" is a philanthropic and humanitarian multimedia company that specializes in publishing, advertising, strategic marketing and fundraising for very worthy social causes.

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Artists of New Mexico Magazine

The Artists of New Mexico magazine is a 200+ page coffee table magazine, filled with gorgeous art by fine New Mexico artists. The first edition is full, but it will be quarterly and ongoing, so many artists will have the chance to be promoted for FREE. Each artist has ten pages. The magazines are for sale for $25 and 75% of the profits from the sale of magazines will help fund ending homelessness, suicide prevention and promoting the arts in New Mexico.

NM Mental Health & Happiness Guide

The New Mexico Mental Health & Happiness Guide is 150+ pages of mental health and personal growth breakthroughs that are helping to cure mental illnesses previously thought to be incurable. It is very interesting and filled with ways to help children and adults live their happiest lives. We are producing this in cooperation with the New Mexico Mental Health Collaborative. The magazine is for sale for $10 and 75% of profits help fund mental health services in New Mexico.




New Mexico Empowered Youth

This magazine highlights the fun, cool and exciting things New Mexico has to offer from the perspectives of our young people. Kids will learn to create the magazine themselves and will supply all the articles, fictional stories, poetry, artwork and photography in the magazine.

New Mexico youth will learn valuable, marketable skills in the process of completing it. They will feel a sense of accomplishment and a part of something bigger than themselves—and will gain a comforting sense of community.

The magazine will be for sale for $10 and will be funded by a combination of business advertising and crowdfunding. This will be a quarterly magazine, with 75% of net profits going to fund programs that benefit New Mexico youth including public education.

New Mexico is the poorest state in the nation and our budgets to public education have been slashed. This can be an ongoing, sustainable funding source to make sure all our children have access to the best education, personal growth and mental health skills, training and expression in the arts and much more.

This is one of Tammy Poor's favorite ideas.



Breakthroughs in Prison Reform

Breakthroughs in Prison Reform highlights the shift in society toward a more just and humane system of incarceration that rehabilitates prisoners, offering them peer support, counseling and lots of coping and life skills.

The social justice system is evolving slowly from a severely punitive system that offers little respect to prisoners and detainees, to a system that inspires respect for the individual and confidence in that one's ability to grow and change for the better.

The magazine will address the juvenile justice system and solutions to the reintegration of prisoners into society after incarceration or detention.

A very special, inspiring section of the magazine will be filled with exceptional fine art from detainees in prison, jail or a juvenile justice facility in America.

This is the first national magazine that we are launching in our economic and social development strategy.

Magazines will be for sale for $10 and 75% of profits will fund organizations dedicated to the continued positive reform of the criminal justice system.



Creating Prosperity in New Mexico

Creating Prosperity in New Mexico will be filled with exciting help and information for entrepreneurs and want-to-be entrepreneurs.

Specific attention will be focused on how an average person can easily learn to make a living online, with automated e-commerce sites, affiliate marketing and other technologies that the lay-person with no training can learn quickly and easily.

It will share how existing businesses can use the power of internet marketing to easily increase business and customer retention.

The miracle of crowdfunding will be thoroughly discussed and its many applications.

The magazine guides the reader to the plethora of resources and opportunities in New Mexico, for entrepreneurs to start up, grow, fund and exit a small or large business.

Creating Prosperity will cost $10, will be a quarterly magazine, with 75% 
of net profits helping fund entrepreneurs with great ideas and organizations that incubate and nurture the idea into a business.


New Mexico on the Cutting Edge

This magazine highlights any scientific breakthroughs coming from New Mexico and exciting scientific research and development in the state.

The magazine includes New Mexico’s alternative and clean energy initiatives, technological advancements in New Mexico ande ducation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

New Mexico is home to Los Alamos National Laboratories and Sandia National Laboratories and many breakthrough technologies are born here. Space exploration and understanding the universe are studied and many breakthroughs in our national defense come out of New Mexico.

The magazine will be for sale for $10 and will be funded by a combination of business advertising and crowdfunding. This will be an annual magazine, with 75% 
of net profits going to fund education and advancements in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Out & About in the Land of Enchantment

Out & About in the Land of Enchantment will be the story of a ficticious family's adventures on an extended family vacation to New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.

They see many great places and they find close-knit, friendly communities all over the state. All of the businesses that advertise, get written into the story and become part of the adventures the family has on their fun, exciting vacation. We think we have the best value in advertising history.

By the story's end, the family fall in love with New Mexico so much that they decide to relocate and start a business in New Mexico.

The State of New Mexico has created an abundance of great multimedia content about New Mexico for tourists and the family will avail themselves of all that fantastic, well-organized information.

The magazine will sell for $10 and 75% of profits will help fund promoting New Mexico's tourism and relocation industries.


New Mexico's Got Talent

New Mexico's Got Talent will be an ongoing talent competition with online auditions, online competitions with semi-annual live shows. It will be loosely patterned after national and international talent shows.

The show will feature many types of talent, but not dangerous acts. Performers will span all age groups.

New Mexico's Got Talent will provide a lot of fun and entertainment to audiences within and outside of New Mexico as all live shows will be streamed live online. This will be a wonderful way for local performers to have a national and global audience.

New Mexico's Got Talent will generate money by selling advertising on the website, in videos and print media associated with promoting the talented performing artists and the shows. It will also generate income by selling tickets to the live shows, which will be gala events. Other streams of income will include concessions, art and product sales at live shows and affiliate marketing on the New Mexico's Got Talent website.

75 % of profits will fund promoting the arts, nurturing talent and providing platforms for artists to perform and display their talents.
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