Tammy Poor (aka singer/songwriter Pearl Devereaux)

InterMountain Publishing is a brand new, New Mexico company, owned and operated by Tammy Poor, a magazine publisher, graphic artist, social entrepreneur and singer/songwriter.

The mission of InterMountain Publishing is to 1) become a significant fundraising arm for worthy causes, 2) promote talented people, 3) offer unheard of advertising bang-for-the-buck for businesses and 4) teach everything we know to others, with the goal of hiring them.

InterMountain Publishing will produce high quality, collectible magazines, starting with the high-end coffee table magazine, Artists of New Mexico.

Another publication will be the New Mexico Mental Health & Happiness Guide, which will include everything from mental health breakthroughs to personal growth and development, self-care, overcoming social stigmas and suicide prevention.

The company will be an exciting collaboration of talented people working together to affect positive change (results) for the people, businesses, organizations and communities we serve.


Tammy has published hundreds of community magazines all over America. She developed a profound love for community in the process and she has a very strong sense of civic responsibility. For several years, Tammy served the mental health industry in Montana, on a state-sponsored board that identified problems and solutions in Montana’s mental health system. Tammy produced mental health & happiness guidebooks and a suicide prevention video for Montanans. As InterMountain Publishing, she will do the same thing for New Mexicans.

In 1992, Tammy was the valedictorian of Al Collins Graphic Design School, where she earned her AA degree in Visual Communications. There she learned graphic design, desktop publishing and video production. In 2012, Tammy studied with the Global Entrepreneurship Institute and she studied internet marketing, social media marketing, traditional marketing and crowdfunding from world experts in all of these fields.

Tammy has come up with a viable, multimedia, economic development strategy that can create lots of jobs, lots of money for worthy causes and lots of good will. She will be sharing more soon about her strategy. Stay tuned.