The Greatest Story Ever Told — Bringing Down an Evil Empire

Tammy Poor aka Pearl Devereaux (stage name) Outsmarts the Entrenched System that Has Kept New Mexicans in Poverty and Increasingly Homeless in the Most Dangerous City in the United States of America—Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Hi there. I’m Tammy Poor, a multimedia artist, singer/songwriter, mental health professional, magazine publisher, video producer, viral and traditional marketer, master strategist and an economic development expert. I’ve been putting together n economic development strategy for the last fifteen years and I returned to Albuquerque, New Mexico after living at the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park in Montana for 30 years. I reconnected with an old boyfriend that I dated 33 years ago and found him to be just as charming, handsome, witty, intelligent and compassionate as he was 33 years ago. So I decided to pursue the renewed friendship and launch my economic development strategy in New Mexico.

I met with almost every department at the State of New Mexico, including the economic development department, New Mexico Arts, the NM Cultural Distric and the behavioral health department. They all said that my economic development strategy was a GREAT idea and the behavioral health department, run by Wayne Lindstrom, the former president of Mental Health America, said that he would love to produce the New Mexico Mental Health & Happiness magazine in collaboration with me and New Mexico’s mental health collaborative, of which he is the president. I met with the City of Albuquerque mayor’s office and talked at length with Alan Armijo, the mayor’s liason with the public. He said that my economic development strategy was in congruent with the core mission of the city to end homelessness in Albuquerque. He even said that my project was so entrepreneurial that it reminded him of a book called The Icebox. I found out that Mayor Richard Berry never meets with citizens of Albuquerque (unless he deems them important) and they must go through Alan Armijo. Alan promised to tell the mayor all about me and my big project—that consisted of many projects. I requested to meet with the governor of New Mexico, Susanna Martinez, for a meeting after all of her staff were on board my project. I never got to meet with her because she’s too self-important and busy bankrupting the state to meet with anyone.

I showed my economic development strategy to the hardworking and underpaid organization called Albuquerque Economic Development and offered to make them a beneficiary of my strategy (as in big bucks to accomplish their mission) and once I explained that I would be viral marketing all of my products both within and outside of New Mexico, they gratefully accepted my offer, as did the University of New Mexico.

The Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce that wouldn’t know how to promote a city if the tried, refused to even meet with me about making them a beneficiary unless I greased their palms with $500 for the opportunity to even meet with them. I was deeply alarmed to learn that their leader is very stuck up and will only speak to people that pay for her overstated expertise—when I was offering to be the expert and let her benefit from my expertise of having promoted hundreds of cities in the United States since 1993.

I also met via email with Kathy Keith, the president of Los Alamos National Laboratories, who promptly responded that it was a great plan and she copied her economic development staff and asked that I specifically make the United Way of Northern New Mexico, a beneficiary. I was delighted to financially benefit the United Way as I knew I would have millions of dollars to share and that it was a renewable sustainable funding source—a gift that would keep on giving.

Well, after finding 20 lucky New Mexico artists to give ten pages each of free promotion in a 208-page museum quality coffee table magazine, writing articles and gathering articles from experts for the New Mexico Mental Health & Happiness Guide, I created my marketing materials for businesses to sponsor the projects and get great advertising and creating a video for the crowdfunding campaign, I was rudely and abruptly taken into custody by a rookie City of Albuquerque police officer because he thought that my business plan was grandiose and I might be getting ready to commit suicide or homicide any minute. He took me to the student-run University of New Mexico mental hospital, where I was demanded to give my credentials by Dr. Cruz, who purported to be a psychiatrist (but who was in reality a student who didn’t have a second of real-world experience and was (legally) put in charge of life and death decisions over the mental health of 1.2-million Albuquerque residents.

Dr. Cruz did not give me a chance to answer the question. The second I started to say that I was the valedictorian of my communications and multimedia college in Tempe, AZ in 1992, he shut me down and wouldn’t let me share any of my other credentials of which there are a plethora—including promoting more than 200 cities in the United States as a magazine publisher or that I studied with the Global Entrepreneurship Institute since 2012 with a GPA of 4.0. He wouldn’t let me tell him that I have served Montana’s mental health system as the secretary of the Park County Local Advisory Council (mental health board) or the state mental health board…or that I’m a practitioner of many mental health and personal growth modalities and a founding member of the Peer Solutions Drop in Center in Livingston, Montana. He wouldn’t hear that I produced the Suicide Prevention video for the State of Montana or that I am the producer and


He said that I was a very nice person and that I was obviously calm, but he was certain that my grandiosity required a 30-day detention in his student run mental hospital and lots of heavy duty antipsychotics.

Alan Armijo

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